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We have been full members of the A.M.A. (Argentine Medical Association) since 1981 and of IFAPP (International Federation of Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians) since 1990. We have recently got our legal status and reached the appropriate level of organship for these times. We invite physicians, biochemists, chemists and pharmacists to come along with us through the continuous organization of academic and all-kind events.

Contrasting the rest of medical professionals, we focus all our efforts –from our all environment- towards the investigation and promotion of new drugs headed to develop a better service to community, keeping ourselves strange to the physicians’ offices and the supply of health providers. But as the rest of Health Teams, our main target is the population’s health.

The specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine requires a double up-to-date training: on the specialty and on his basic formation. SAMEFA wants to contribute to that double demand:
- Training clinical investigators and assistants
- Reinforcing clinical basic formation
This is a common task with ANMAT, AMA, IFAPP and DIA and the other colleague associations around the world.
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